International Journal of Ophthalmology Research

Vol. 1, Issue 2, Part A (2019)

Case series of endophthalmitis phacoanaphylactic glaucoma


Duong Dieu


Introduction: Phacolytic glaucoma (PG) was usually caused by hypermature lens and the principal mechanism was the obstructed trabecular meshwork with the leaky lens capsule proteins. The incidence of PG in our hospital where the backlog of cataract was relatively high, occupied three percent of operated glaucoma, one percent of cataract surgeries (by the year two thousand). The PG with rupture crystalline capsule (anterior chamber was not observed) exactly endophthalmitis phacoanaphylactic glaucoma (EPG) is commonly misdiagnosed and was therefore refused lens extraction by local eye doctors at district hospital level. With a new simple surgical procedure lens extraction is applied helping restoration the patient’s vision.

Objective: To report results of six cases of endophthalmitis phacoanaphylactic glaucoma that were diagnosed and managed by a simple surgical procedure lens extraction. Materials/Patients: Six cases of endophthalmitis phacoanaphylactic glaucoma were selected.
Methods: Clinical intervention on series cases. A simple surgical procedure was applied for management both diagnosis and treatment after reducing IOP by carbonic anhydrase inhibitor. Paracentesis of anterior chamber in diagnosis and followed by nucleus lens extraction associated with local and systemic steroid treatment pre-surgery and post- surgery.
Principal Measurements: Visual acuity (VA): Snellen; Log MAR- Intraocular pressure (IOP): Schiotz, Maclakov.
Results and Discussion: Preoperation: VA: No light perception in three cases and light perception in three cases. IOP in all cases are equal and over thirty seven mmHg. Post operation: Increased VA in all cases: 0 point 0 five (0.05) to 0 point three (0.3) and normalized.
IOP: fifteen to twenty mmHg.
Conclusion: Patients suffering from EPG should be diagnosed and nucleus lens extraction. After medical treatment for reducing IOP, aspiration of anterior chamber fluid could be done first for both diagnosis and thereafter nucleus lens extraction is a radical treatment will help restored vision for patients. The results of six cases of EPG that were operated by the new simple surgical procedure lens extraction with satisfying results better than expected.

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