International Journal of Ophthalmology Research

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A (2019)

Design of three herbal recipes for glaucoma and tired eyes I. how to prepare a beer containing 15 herbal extracts


Johnson KGAO

The blood supply of eyeball is mainly depending on a very thin central retinal artery and circulate back to the small vein, both of them are located in the center of the ocular nerve cord at the back of the eyeball, which is rather similar to a cherry fruit attached to a tiny stalk. It is an unreasonable design for our eye nutritional supply. The very thin central retinal artery with the diameter less than 1/5 mm is too heavy a burden to transport oxygen and nutrients to keep a well maintenance of the delicate retina, especially the excessive radiation damage of the eyes in the computer era. When the aged process goes on and the malnutrition status happen, such that high fatty food diet and wastes deposition onto the capillaries, that may cause blood vessels having micro-capillary clots forming, which is a subclinical blockage or narrowing of the diameter of those small arteries, veins and micro capillaries, etc., that are difficult to detect. Although the currently clinical methods for curing glaucoma using eye drops and surgery to reduce the intra ocular pressure are in practice, it might be even more important to concern how to improve a good microcirculation of eyes. Many traditional Chinese herb medicines had practiced through thousand years and verified to have good effects on blood circulation and they are beneficial to eye-health. Small amount of alcohol, but not over dose, may help blood vessel relaxation. Hop in beer is a good antioxidant, which eyes are welcome. This is a try to formulate a DIY 15-herb extract enhanced beer to test if that drink could become an extra helper in healthy eye maintenance or glaucoma progress reducing method.

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